Steve Ferreira has been featured in numerous media segments. He isn't just a strong advocate for people with disabilities, but he also shares his insight and perspective of what its like to live with a disability.

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Steve Ferreira, Executive Director of Beyond Disabilities, was featured on Season 4, Episode 7 of Asian Voices. Asian Voices is a cultural and educational cable TV show featuring Asian and
Pacific Islanders. Asian Voices attempts to break down the stereotypes and barriers and create a positive voice for these cultures. Steve was interviewed for his advocacy for the disabled community.

TEDx Talk


In his TEDx talk, athlete and speaker Steve Ferreira, Executive Director of Beyond Disabilities,
addresses misconceptions made about him as a person living with cerebral palsy. Despite the
immense challenges he has faced, Steve inspires his audience and proves we're all "just people"

Common Good
Church Podcast


In Episode 9 of the CG Podcast, Pastor Royce interviews Steve Ferreira, Executive Director of
Beyond Disabilities. As a motivational speaker, Steve Ferreira aims to raise disability awareness
within each and every community he addresses. Beyond Disabilities advocates for people with
disabilities and strives to inspire all people to accomplish their own goals. Steve’s workshops
help the community gain an understanding of living with a disability or perceived limitation and
rising beyond it.

20 Minutes Talks
with Ben West


Steve Ferreira, Executive Director of Beyond Disabilities, had an interview with Ben West on 20
minutes talks.  Ben seeks to showcase people that have interesting lives. Steve was diagnosed
with Cerebral Palsy at 3 months old. Steve talks about his life and overcoming obstacles. Steve
has parlayed his challenges and success into a career in motivational speaking.

King 5 News with Amanda Pendleton


This is the inspiring story of Steve Ferreira, Executive Director of Beyond Disabilities, who has
never let cerebral palsy get in his way. Thanks to an unlikely friendship forged at the gym, Steve
is now training for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games.